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PreSchool/CanSkate/Teen/AdultSkate Fundraising Information


SASC is a non-profit organization and Fundraising is a very essential part of our club at every level of skating, as it helps to keep ice and program costs reasonable for everyone. The amount of registration skaters are charged does not cover the actual cost of ice, coaching, and teaching tools, so we have to find ways to fill the gap.

Cash Raffle {mandatory fundraising for all levels of skating}

The following amounts will be included on your invoice at the time of the registration:

$25 PreSchool and Teen/Adult Programs (5 tickets)

$50 CanSkate (10 tickets)


By mid-September (for the Fall term), and mid-January (for the Winter term), a Fundraising coordinator will provide you with raffle tickets to sell. You will keep the proceeds from sale (as you would have pre-paid for those tickets at the time of the registration).

All ticket stubs need to be returned to the SASC Office no later than November 20, and March 20 respectively. There will be a box labelled "Raffle Tickets" on the book shelf on the left when you enter the office. Please do not remove the staple from the booklet.

If there are any questions, comments or issues, contact Fundraising Coordinator - Irina Langreiter






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