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St. Albert Skating Center (SASC) is a non-profit organization and volunteers are necessary for our club to operate. 
Our volunteers are essential to SASC as they make up our Executive Board, organize and run fundraising events (bingos, casinos, hosting competitions), office cleaning, and help out at club events (assessment days, club fun meets, pop concerts).
Money raised from bingos, casinos and hosting competitions helps cover the cost of ice rental, large group coaching, club development sessions, dry land programming, special events, out of town competitions, and more.
To ensure success at these fundraising events, every SASC family from figure skating Academy programs Star 1 and up is required to complete a minimum number of volunteer shifts. 
These shifts are calculated according to the number of freeskate sessions your skater skates during the fall/winter season.
Minimum Volunteer Requirements

Number of freeskate sessions (in Fall/Winter season) 

Bingo or Casino shifts (per skater) December StarSkate Competition 
Star 1 Group Program none 1 competition shift per family
1 freeskate session per week 1 bingo or casino shift 2 competition shifts per family
2 freeskate sessions per week 2 bingo or casino shifts  2 competition shifts per family
3 freeskate sessions per week 3 bingo or casino shifts  2 competition shifts per family
4 freeskate sessions per week 4 bingo or casino shifts  2 competition shifts per family
5-10 freeskates per week 5 bingo or casino shifts  2 competition shifts per family



  • Volunteers must be 14+ years old to volunteer and receive credit (18+ for casino shifts).
  • Initially, only sign up for your required shifts. An email will be sent when there is an opportunity to pick up extra shifts.
  • If you have multiple skaters registered at SASC:
    • you are only required to volunteer for 2 competition shifts per family;
    • your maximum required bingo or casino shifts is 10
  • Club Credit money earned by completing extra volunteer shifts:
    • can be used towards Summer (July/Aug) ice fees or later;
    • is non-transferable and becomes void if you leave SASC.
  • If you have unfulfilled volunteer shifts, your account will be charged $125 for each shift you are short.
  • If you are a no-show or cancel a shift with less than 24 hours notice (with no replacement volunteer), your account will be charged $125.


What are the dates for the volunteer year?

Volunteer shifts completed from June 1 to May 31 count towards the volunteer requirements of the September to June skating season of the same year. Volunteer in Summer to get a head start on your requirements!

What if I can’t work bingos/casinos or the December competition?

Here are your options:

  1. Work more competition shifts instead of working bingos/casinos.
  2. Work more bingo/casino shifts instead of working the competition.
  3. Complete 2 office cleaning shifts to count as 1 required shift.
  4. Volunteer at least 5 hours at Fun Meets, Pop Concerts, or assessment days (music player only) to count as 1 required shift. You can combine hours from multiple events as these shifts are usually 1-2 hours. This option will be available at the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator.

Email the Volunteer Coordinator with your choice.

What if I am unable to volunteer at all?

Here are your options for each required shift:

  1. Pay SASC $125 per shift you are unable to complete. 
  2. Pay another SASC member $60 per shift to work on your behalf. You can arrange this on your own or contact the Volunteer Coordinator to be matched up with someone.

Email the Volunteer Coordinator with your choice.

What if I complete extra bingo/casino or December competition volunteer shifts?

Once all members have been given an opportunity to complete their minimum required volunteer shifts, you will be given the opportunity to take on extra shifts. You will earn a $60 club credit for each extra shift to use towards SASC ice fees available for use starting with the Summer season of the current year. Example, extra credits earned in June 1, 2024 - May 31, 2025 can be used for Summer 2025 ice fees.

What about volunteer shifts at club fun meets, pop concerts, or assessment days?

Volunteers are necessary for these events to run successfully so all SASC members are encouraged to help out when they can. Shifts at these events are usually 1-2 hours which are much shorter than the 4-5 hour volunteer requirement shifts. For your convenience, select a time when you will already be at the club to watch your skater. Volunteer credits are not earned for these shifts but you often end up with a rink-side view.

Do SASC Executive Board members receive credits for volunteering?

No. To ensure members on our board are joining because they truly want to be there, we do not offer volunteer credits for any board position. All board members are required to complete minimum volunteer shifts based on their skaters’ number of freeskate sessions.

Who can I contact for additional questions?

Volunteer Coordinator: Carolyn Garritano

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