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We offer a range of exciting off-ice programs to further develop our skaters:

Sport Specific Warm Up/Cool Downs

Sport Specific Jump Technique


Strength Training

Resistance Training


In regards to the Fitness coordinating, Coach Alexa will be the contact person if there are any problems/concerns/questions. Coach Alexa, will be in direct contact with your Fitness instructors, and will be monitoring the Fitness throughout the season to ensure the skaters are having maximum results from each class. 

For any questions/concerns, please email Alexa at:


Skater's Expectations

  1. Be on time!
  2. Please wear proper attire (running shoes, yoga pants/shorts, hair tied up)
  3. Only worry about yourself not other skaters!
  4. Please let coaches know prior to missing a class as us coaches will see who is attending classes or not.
  5. It is expected that you attend your fitness classes for your skating level to benefit your on ice success.  
  6. A yoga mat is suggested to bring to all classes
  7. Water bottle



Dryland/Fitness Schedules


Looking for your skaters Skating Schedule?

Click here to find all our schedules!


Important Information


For all cancelled classes, start dates, and end dates, please head to our Calendar Of Events page!




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