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Fundraising and Volunteering Overview 


SASC is a non-profit organization and Fundraising is a very essential part of our club at every level of skating.  Fundraising helps to keep ice and program costs reasonable for everyone. The amount of registration skaters are charged does not cover the actual cost of ice, coaching, and teaching tools, so we have to find ways to fill the gap.

We rely on Volunteers to run our Board of Directors to fund raise, run club competitions, and other events. Our upcoming volunteer year is May 1 - April 30.  Any volunteer credits earned in this time period go towards satisfying volunteer requirements for the September 1 - April 30 skating season.

Your Volunteer Coordinator is Carolyn Garritano:
Your Volunteer Bingo Chair is Sheila Bedard:
Current Fundraising  2021






Volunteer/Fundraising Requirements for Group Programs

(Monies are Pre-Paid with your Registration)
Canskate(ages3-5) $25
Canskate $50 
Pre-Power $50 
Advanced Canskate $50  
Adult $50 


Volunteer/Fundraising  for Learn to Figure Skate - Star 1

(Monies are Pre-Paid with your Registration)

Must Complete One Mandatory Competition Shift of 4-6 hours.


Academy Skaters - Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Day Ice

Volunteer/Fundraising Requirements: 

  1. Each Skater in this program will be required to sell Raffle Tickets. A Fee of $125 is included in your registration as these tickets are pre-paid. $75 worth of Tickets will be issued for the first Fall Raffle and $50 worth of Tickets will be issued for the Second Winter Raffle.
  2. Each Registered Skater or their Family must complete TWO Mandatory Competition Shifts. Shifts are 4-6 hours approximately in length.
  3. Each Registered Skater or their Family must complete a Set Amount of FUNDRAISERS, these are determined by the amount of days a skater skates.                                    
                                    For Example:    4 days skating = Four volunteer shifts required
                                                             5 days skating = Five volunteer shifts required
There are two types of Fundraising shifts currently available:
 Bingo Shifts = 1 Credit
Two Office Cleaning Shifts = 1 Credit


  • Volunteers can be 14+ years to work and receive Credits at Fundraisers.
  • For Family’s with Multiple Registered skaters the Maximum of Mandatory Fundraisers is Ten.
  • Anything completed above your Mandatory requirements will be applied to your account as a credit or $60 towards your next years registration.
  • To ensure Mandatory requirements can be meet by all of the members please sign-up for your Mandatory requirements first, you will be instructed by email when you can sign up for extra Fundraising Shifts.
  • If your volunteer requirements are not met, for each credit you are short, $125 will be charged to your account.
  • Volunteer credits are non-transferrable, and cannot be carried forward to the next season. If a skater leaves SASC and has credits on file, they become void.
  • It is your responsibility to find a replacement (and notify a Volunteer Coordinator) for a volunteer shift you have previously committed to.
We use SignUpGenius for all of our available volunteer shifts:
Your Fundraising Coordinator will be using your email provided upon Registration.
*Members will be emailed a link to track current volunteer shifts. You can request the link by emailing the Volunteer Coordinator: 
Carolyn Garritano



St. Albert Skating Centre

We are located at:
Servus Credit Union Place
Troy Murray Arena
400 Campbell Rd.
St. Albert, AB, T8N 5A3  Phone: 780-458-8868
Email for Learn to Skate (Pre-Power, Teen/Adult, CanSkate (5+), CanSkate (3-5), Parent/Tot):