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Group Figure Skating Program

Star 1/Jumpstart Program 

Star 1/Jumpstart is the "Transitioning Program" into our Figure Skating program designed to fast-track keen CanSkaters/Advanced CanSkaters/StarSkaters who display potential to be STARSkate and Competitive skaters.

Skaters that are registered in the Group Figure Skating 1 or 2 day program  may also participate with our Junior "Academy" skaters through the week. The optional/extra days of skating are during our Junior sessions on Thursday, Friday or Sunday.

Skaters 5 years old (approx.) and up are taught basic Figure Skating skills in a fun progressive and sequential manner. Skaters are taught in a small group setting by our Nationally Certified Professional coaches in a fun and positive environment.

Private Lesson’s opportunities are available with the coach of your choice. Semi-private, private or both. 

For other information please select the appropriate program selection in the "Star/Competitive Skate" menu. 

Criteria for moving into the Group Figure Skating are CanSkate StageS 4-6. Ages 5 and up.


Recommended Skating 1-4 days a week

Fall/Winter and Summer programming is available. Please ask any of our staff for further details.

Parents; The documents listed below are some helpful information regarding questions into "the moving up/transitioning" process into Private Lessons (Academy). For any specific questions, please ask our staff.


*Semi Private or Private Lesson Opportunities: Star 1/Junior "Academy" - shared with Junior "Academy" ice times below (Privates).

Professional Coaching Staff. 7-10 Skaters in a Group. Payment Reserves Placement.


1) Cancellation/Refund Policy: No refund available for any reason. Family credit only with doctor’s note (credit expires in 12 months from issuing date).

2) Club Information: Please ensure you have given a current email address on the registration form as all notices and newsletters will be sent via email for the upcoming season. It is your responsibility to check these notices or the SASC website: for all skating information.

3) Skating Attire/Equipment: The skating dress code is a must and an important learning tool for the presentation of the sport and safety of the individual skater. Figure Skating is about the visual appearance of the skater performing on ice in practice or competition. We want to have the skater learn this from the beginning. All skaters are required to have skating dress or yoga attire, warm tights, leg warmers, sweater, hair pulled back in pony, mitts or gloves and figure skates. Skater must supply their own skates and wear appropriate skating attire: 1) Proper skating attire is required. No jeans, winter jackets or hooded sweatshirts are allowed. - For girls this means a skating dress, gloves, sweater, beige tights, and hair pulled back into pony tail. - For boys this means track pants, gloves, and a sweater. 2) Figure skates are required for all skaters. 3) Helmets are OPTIONAL.

4) Class Description: Star 1 is the next step from CanSkate for skaters who are keen on learning skills specific to Figure Skating. There is no age limit in Star 1. Instead, entrance is based on ability and willingness to learn. The minimum requirement for a skater to enter the Star 1 program is to have passed Level 5-6 in CanSkate or evaluated as to be ready by SASC coaching team.

5) Cost and Fundraising: Below costs include all on-ice and coaching fees as well as club membership and fun days. Instalment options available.

Skate Canada Fee ($36.00): Payable once a season beginning on September 1st of every year.

*Fundraising Requirement Included($75.00 per skater collected at time of registration)

*One mandatory volunteer shift requirement (see fundraising tab for more details) 

Star 1 Programming is 1-2 days/week on Monday and/or Thursday.

The dates/times and costs are: 

Day Date Time # of Classes Cost No Skating Dates

Sept.10 - Dec.17

Jan.7 - Apr.15


45 Minute Class


 Full Year




Jan.10 - Apr.11


60 Minute Class


Full Year


Mar. 28 
Monday/Thursday Sept.10-Apr.15 See Above 52 

Full Year


See Above  

 *Particle season options also available

6) Session Break Down: Thursday/Saturday On-Ice for 45 or 60 minutes. Approximately 5 min. Group Stroking/warm up, 3-6 group specific skill development, 10 min. Stroking, 15 min. Spin, Dance, Freeskate Stations, 5 min. Independent practice/interpretive time.

7) *Semi Private or Private Lesson Opportunities: Star 1 is shared with Junior Academy Star 1-4(Privates) Thursday, Friday, or Sunday

* Note; private coaching fees and ice is not included. This is paid separately from the Group Figure Skating Program. Private Lessons available on Thursday, Friday and Sunday with Junior Academy ice times (please check with coaches for details). Programming is according to Academy scheduling and must meet program criteria (working on CanSkate Level 4-6) or higher. Skaters will practice and perform a range of coordination exercises, balances, stretches and basic skating positions with skill development. (To be done with coach of choice or appointed coach) Ice fees applies to a session that you are adding on to. Please check Star 1/Junior Academy (Private lessons) pricing.

8) Season Calendar: Please remember to check our website under the "News" link for any changes, cancellations, updates on events, etc.

SASC Star 1-3 “Fun Meet” Club Competition: We will be having our 5th Annual "STAR" Competition held at SASC where this educates Parents and skaters of what a “STAR” competition looks like for future competitions. Details will follow at later date. Competition date is April 18, 2019.


Summer Camps: 

Would like you to try out and join our Spring/Summer Figure Skating Program From Spring May - June, Summer July – Aug. This is a great time to be integrated with the Junior Figure Skating program at SASC while still in a Semi-Private group lesson format.  This is a small group of 3 or 4 skaters where you will be assigned a coach during the Freeskate and Dance/SS session.  You will also have some independent practice time everyday during the Freeskate and the opportunity to have a private lesson.  The Semi-Private group and Private lesson fees are not included in the ice Fees. 

1-Week Package Ice Fee’s include: 

(Star 1 /Junior skates during the Group 2 ice times on the Schedule) 

  • Freeskate 60 minutes, (30 minutes Semi-Private group, not included)
  • Dance/SS 30 minutes, (15 minutes Semi-Private group, not included)
  • Stroking 30 minutes, (large group lesson included)
  • Off-ice 45 minutes with Group 2 (large group lesson included)
  • Friday features coach included on-ice technique classes
  • Optional packages to choose from:
  • Choose a week, two or more - spread it out option.  There are 11 weeks to spread out your days.  This optional packages must work out to 5 days/week packages and pricing.

    Example: choose two weeks or 10 days and spread it out over three weeks of skating: We do recommended skating at least 2-3 times a week to maximize your skating and learning experience to develope skills.

    • Week 6 - 3 days a week: Mon, Tues, Thurs
    • Week 7 - 4 days a week: Mon, Tues, Wed.,Thurs.
    • Week 8 - 3 days a week: Mon, Wed.,Thurs


We are located at: 
Servus Credit Union Place
Troy Murray Arena
400 Campbell Rd.
St. Albert, AB, T8N 5A3  Phone: 780-458-8868
Email for Learn to Skate (Pre-Power, Teen/Adult, CanSkate, Pre-CanSkate):
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Spring 2019 Office Hours: Monday to Friday 1:00-7:00 pm.  Closed on Holidays.
Office is located past the Zamboni  entrance in Troy Murray Arena, Servus Place.
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