2017/18 Fall/Winter Schedule!
2017/18 Fall/Winter Fitness Schedule!
2017/18 Fall/Winter Price Guide!
Associate Membership Fees and Drop In Rates

Here are your options:

1. Drop In each time 15$/session(this does not include stroking/dance/skating skills sessions)

2. SASC Punch Card purchase(no expiry date) 125$ for 10 drop ins w Associate Membership Fee 25$ for season(gets you our Club emails, updates, etc)

3. Associate Membership Fee 25$ with 50$ per month for 1 day/week or 80$ a month for 2 days/wk skating. 

No Skating Dates
April 1,2(Easter) 20,21,22,23(Trade Show)
Special Event Dates
StarSkate Final March 23-25
Sunsational April 20-22
Spring Break March 26-30
Trade Show April 18-21
Pop Concert Practice week April 23-27
Pop Concert April 28
SASC Banquet April 29
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