Figure Skating Programs

The St. Albert Skating Centre has a new and revamped Figure Skating program which now will produce competitors in STAR or Competitive Skate streams. Our highly qualified, diverse team of professional coaches work together to ensure that each skater achieves personal bench marks.

Our team offers:

  • dryland strength and fitness training
  • yoga, Hip Hop, Ballet
  • sports psychology
  • artistic/modern development
  • Floor-off ice jump/harness position developement
  • Dartfish video
  • on ice pole and harness training
  • jump/spin program components sessions
  • stroking/edge development
  • goal setting

Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer Programs


This is more than just skating!

Skaters enrolled in our Figure Skating programs learn a variety of life skills in their pursuit of personal goals. We believe the skills we offer lead to excellence in goal setting, planning, focus, confidence, problem solving, and time management. With hard work!

StarSkate 2-5 days a week.

CompetitiveSkate 4-6 days a week.

For more specific information, select the Figure Skating Program from the menu.

Freeskate Sessions; 

*Star 1/Junior package: No test level, Preliminary (Star 1-2)

*Junior package: No test level/Preliminary & Jr. Bronze test (Star 1-4)

*Junior/Intermediate Blended package: Sr. Bronze, Pre- Juvenile & up(Star 4-6)

*Intermediate/Senior Blended package: Competing Sr. Bronze + up, Pre-Juvenile & up OR age 15 & up(Star 5-10, Gold)

*Day Ice/Open Competitive Session: Competing Sr. Silver & up, Pre-Juvenile & up, and landing 4 Double jump criteria.

The session levels listed are guidelines only. Decisions regarding a skaters level are that of the Skating Director. *SASC Director reserves the right to move skaters to other sessions if ability/numbers warrant.*


                                                 SASC Skater 2017/18 Achievements

                                                               2018 Sectionals


      Juliette Thievin              Felicia Holterman                        Tehya Wiltzen                                                              

        Juvenile U12                    Pre Juvenile U11                      Juvenile U14 Champion                  

              6th                                     4th                               Leading Edge Champion                                                                                                                                               

                         2017/18 Alberta Junior Development Team Members


                               Pre Novice Level Skaters Moving On!

                Tobiah Wong(2nd place) and Adele Romanin(4th place)

                        Representing St. Albert and AB/NWT Section at

                        Skate Canada Challenge Competition in Montreal 

                            2017/18 Alberta Select Team Members

                                                   Great Job!




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